NAME:   Rory Singer
  NICK NAME:   Outburst
  TEAM:   The HardCore Gym
  HEIGHT:   6' 2 1/2"
  WEIGHT:   185lbs
  STYLE:   Mixed Martial Arts
  BIRTHDAY:   May 28, 1976
  PROFESSIONAL RECORD:   0 wins :: 0 losses :: 0 draws
  Opponent Date Event Result Method Round Time

I was born in Brooklyn , NY , moved to Staten Island , NY and relocated to Marlboro, NJ when I was seven. After two years of community college in New Jersey I followed my brother, Adam, down to Athens , Georgia . I attended the University of Georgia where I eventually earned a BS degree in Biological Engineering. While we both attended school, Adam and I began teaching students at the university's athletic center.

During this time we were lucky to have met and trained with some great coaches: Kru Scott Hicks (Muay Thai), Donald “Doc” Kepner (Boxing), Matt Thornton (BJJ), Chris Haueter (BJJ) and Rodney King (Standup). These men were instrumental in our development as coaches/trainers and fighters.

It was also during this time that we created The HardCore Gym. After teaching out of a few different places we finally relocated to our present space of 1500 square feet in a brand new facility. We have been there for two years and within the next few months we will expand to 3000 square feet with the addition of weights, a cage, changing room, and almost double the mat space. We credit the success of Season 1 of T.U.F and of our good friend and former full-time team member, Forrest Griffin, for increasing the interest in training; therefore making this expansion feasible.

My brother and I both wrestled in high school, boxed, and went through an evolution of sorts with martial arts, much like most involved in MMA today. Currently, Adam holds the rank of Brown Belt in BJJ, which was given to him by Rigan Machado BB, Chris Hautuer. I am a Purple Belt under BJJ Black Belt, Matt Thornton. I have competed in such places as South Africa, Japan, Florida, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

The MMA scene in Georgia is one of the best in the US . We have a slue of great promoters running shows as frequent as once a month, sometimes with two promoters having shows in the same month. There are a lot of great schools in the state as well. Atlanta and the surrounding areas have many MMA and pure BJJ schools that have put Georgia on the map in the sport. Then there is The HardCore Gym in Athens , which I think is one of the best schools in the Southeast. We have 10 active fighters now out of a membership of over 60.

My immediate goal is to continue to improve as a fighter, trainer and coach while hopefully producing some of the best fighters in the country. I am presently on a leave of absence from nursing school. I eventually plan to earn my BSN from The School of Nursing at Athens . My future goal after that is to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.