Rory Singer Tells All to ADCC News
By: MMA Observer

Rory Singer made it to the semi-finals of the third season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show before losing to eventual runner up Ed Herman. In this interview with ADCC News, Singer talks about everything from his recent fight with fellow T.U.F. participant Ross Pointon to training with Tito Ortiz and Dean Lister. Here is what Singer had to say.

ADCC: Rory congratulations on your victory over Ross Pointon at the Ultimate Fighter Three Finale. That fight wasnít televised so can you tell us how that happened in your eyes?

As soon as the bell rang, Ross came charging at me trying to land some very big and wild punches. Each time I would circle away as he ran by me like a bull. This happened about three times. I finally settled in and threw a jab/cross combo I believe. It stunned him a little bit. I then stood there in deep though as if I was trying to solve world peace. It was at that moment Ross landing a big punch to my temple. I am not sure what he hit me with because I was too busy falling on my ass. When I hit the canvas I started to shake the cobwebs off as he came into my guard. He tried to land a few more punches but I immediately went for wrist control and put his right arm through for the triangle. My first attempt was unsuccessful but I went for it a second time and got my legs locked in. He threw some punches with his free arm. I locked over his free arm and just wrapped around my legs and squeezed. He tapped out at the 44 second mark.

ADCC: From some of the play-by-play accounts of your fight, Pointon allegedly dropped you with a strike early. Is this true and did Pointon hurt you at all during that fight?

RORY: As I stated in my previous answer it was a big shot. It rocked me and sat me down. It didnít leave any lasting impression on me the next day. I didnít have any headache or even a sore head. He landed pretty flush on my temple I think. I later saw Ross in the crowd and shook his hand and thanked him for the fight. He actually felt the need to talk trash about his loss. He said I had a glass jaw. I reminded him that if my jaw were made out of glass he would have knocked me out instead of down. I was rocked but not enough to forget I was in a fight and still had a job to do. I kept my composure and finished the drill. I still donít understand why people canít just be gracious losers. Ross wanted to talk about how I wouldnít stand and bang with him. He needs to get a grip on reality. This isnít boxing or K-1 (kickboxing). If that is all he wants to do then he just needs to make a career change.

ADCC: Two of your fellow competitors, Kendall Grove and Ed Herman were in the finals. You seemed to have a problem with both of them during the show. Who did you root to win and is there any animosity between any of you guys?

RORY: There is actually no animosity between me and Ed at all. We actually talk occasionally. I like Ed and we get along well. Those living conditions can mess with you a lot. We spent four weeks in the house together getting along very well. The last two weeks is when some of that stuff between us went down. We knew we would most likely fight and Ed distanced himself to prepare. Kendall and I squared away most of our issues as well before the end of taping. He is still not my favorite person in the world, nor do I plan on receiving any love letters from him or anything as well.

ADCC: Kendall, Matt Hamill, and Solomon Hutcherson all made the trip to Big Bear to train a while with Tito Ortiz. Did Ortiz give an open invite to his team or were they contacted individually?

RORY: I did not receive any invite.

ADCC: Speaking of Tito Ortiz, many think he was the better of the two coaches. You were there and were coached by him. How good of coach is he?

RORY: Saul, Dean and Tito were an amazing coaching trio. I learned a lot and got some great training. They all complemented one another as coaches to really make for a good training camp.

ADCC: Now letís look back on your participation in the third season of the Ultimate Fighter. Of course they edit a television show, but do you were portrayed accurately?

RORY: I think I was portrayed fairly but not necessarily completely accurately. I am nowhere near the neat freak I was portrayed as. I just knew what was going to happen having seen it on TV as well as hearing about from Forrest. I just donít understand grown men who would rather live in filth then take a part in cleaning up after themselves. It isnít just about keeping clean either. It is all part of having respect for the people who you live with. I did my best but I got over it after a few weeks.

ADCC: Was there anything in the show that was taped that was left out of the aired episodes?

RORY: We lived there for six weeks, I am sure something was left out (laughs)! I would rather not talk about how things were edited because that wouldnít be fair to Spike TV.

ADCC: Your teammate on the show, Noah Inhofer, left the show because he wanted to deal with a girlfriend that thought he was cheating on her. He received a letter from her. Could you or any of the other fighters receive mail because it seemed like you guys werenít supposed to have any contact with the outside world.

RORY: I didnít receive any mail. I also know that nobody tried to contact me because they knew not to bother me with any outside drama.

ADCC: Who was the easiest person to live with on the show and who was the hardest?

RORY: I got along real well and continue to get along well with Josh. We were both two of the older guys in the house and had a lot of the same views. I consider him to be a good friend to this day. I donít know of anyone particular who was the hardest to live with. It was just hard living in those conditions for that period of time.

ADCC: Now that the show is over, do you see anyone from the house that you still keep in contact with and build a friendship or a training partner with?

RORY: I still speak with Noah and Mike Stine on occasion. I talk to Josh quite a bit and Ed every now and again. We are all at our separate gyms so we havenít had a chance to do any training since the end of the show.

ADCC: Whatís next for Rory Singer? Was the deal with the UFC a one time deal or can we see you fighting soon for them again?

RORY: I am hoping there is another fight or contract with the UFC in store for my future. I havenít made plans to go back to school as of yet. I would love to continue fighting full time. I hope to hear something soon.

ADCC: Thank you for taking the time and do you have anything to say to your fans and sponsors?

RORY: Thank you to all my fans for sticking with me even after I lost in the semifinals. I had a lot of time to grow during the four months from the end of taping until my fight against Ross. I plan on proving that I belong in the UFC. I would not have been able to do this alone. I want to thank ifight athletics ( for all their support. I would also like to thank and Dr. Giles at the Stewart Clinic. I would like to thank all my guys at The HardCore Gym who gave of themselves everyday to help me prepare for my UFC fight: Dave Mewborn, Vern Ruffner, Ross Hagerman, Dustin Kirby and Steven Barber. I would like to thank my Muay Thai coach, Scott Hicks and my boxing coach, Doc Keppner. Lastly, thank you to my brother and coach, Adam, for guiding me every step of the way.